Nice people and don’t overcharge

Brook Wight
July 8, 2018

Reasonable prices. Quality work

Vas Andonii
May 31, 2018

Great service

Jonathan Crandall
March 19, 2018

They were able to repiar my A/C assembly hoses and weld on new connectors and also custom made new o-rings for my 2006 Saab Aero within a 24 hour time frame. The work they did looks amazing like it’s a brand new A/C assembly. I would definitely recommend this place for people who have a leak in their cars A/C hoses or connections.

Dean Svitak
February 19, 2018

Great Place

It is the go to place for things other shops don’t want or can’t do. Good scheduling and service. Had a Cruise control put in and the included switch started acting up. They were right on it and stayed with it until it was fixed. Very pleased with the experience!
J. Sando
St Louis Park

J Sando
February 4, 2018

Good, honest service

I had a truly pleasant experience with DAS who helped to fix the many niggly problems my old truck had. The whole repair was a breeze, and it was swift as I had requested that I needed by truck back in service urgently. Despite this, I was being charged a very reasonable price for the services. I would recommend DAS to my friends who are looking for an honest an reliable service.

Liam Smith
December 28, 2017

Needed a hose made. Got it done right away whole waiting. Great place for AC service on your vehicle in the area of Hopkins MN.

Phil Kerber
December 12, 2017

Highly recommended

Thanks so much for the wonderful and professional service. Your team is highly competent and courteous to all our staff. It was a great joy and we will highly recommend your services to our industry partners.

Rachel Kim
November 1, 2017

Great pricing and excellent service. Couldn’t be happier!

Andrew Lindholm
October 28, 2016

I had ADS put a tonneau cover on my truck. I had a very good experience with them and they were able to get it on within two days of ordering it!

Sam Mellgren
October 28, 2016

One of the best kept secrets…

One of the best kept secrets when it comes to Automotive AC service is Dealer Automotive services in Hopkins MN.

First time I used them I had a Motor Home with Cab air that wasn’t working. Since it was a Winnebago design, no shop in town really knew how to repair the system so, traveling was miserable (hot).

Later, I found out about DAS who not only works on traditional cars and trucks but also does shuttle buses, city buses, food trucks, campers, etc,

They fix systems no one else can.

Was quoted $675 to replace a hose, DAS did a splice for $45.

I’ve had 6 other experiences with 3 of my work vans, a minivan, as well as a Grand AM. They don’t try to sell you things you really don’t need.
D.Smith, Bloomington MN

D. Smith
April 22, 2016

These guys will bend over backwards to make things right.
Some of the best customer service I’ve ever had, EVER!
(and I am an extreme critic)

Bill Norman
March 20, 2016

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