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Bluetooth Handsfree Kit


Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Speak naturally without raising your voice
Browse through the menus (phonebook, voicemail, etc.) and adjust volume
Automatically cuts radio out In the event of a call.

The audio from your call is played on your car’s speakers and accurately reproduces the caller’s voice. The microphone captures the sound of your voice while filtering out the surrounding noise. In the event of a call, the car radio automatically cuts out to allow for a smooth conversation.

When users get in their car, they start the engine and the kit immediately connects to their mobile phone. Thanks to the voice recognition feature, drivers say a name and the kit automatically dials the number in complete safety.

Our Parrot and Rostra brand units are compatible with most Bluetooth mobile phones on the market.

On units with the LCD screen you can find all your mobile phone’s information: incoming call number, phonebook, last number called, and so on. The ingenious screens can be installed wherever users want on the dashboard and provide an optimized viewing angle for greater comfort and readability.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Play your music wirelessly through your Bluetooth connection.

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.