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Commercial Van Rear Air Conditioning Kits


Since 1976, D.A.S. has been upfitting vehicles with climate control and accessories. D.A.S. is now proud to offer Refrigeration units, Heat and Cool Units, and Accessories to upfit all commercial work vans.

Rear A/C Units

Rear Auxiliary A/C Systems

  • System provides second compressor for true auxiliary unit independent from front A/C unit
  • Ceiling mounted evaporator
  • Ductless air delivery and rear mounting without sacrificing headroom
  • Condenser mounted under vehicle in protective enclosure
  • 150 Amp alternator required
  • Dash mounted switches control systems temp and blower speed

Rear “Slave” Auxiliary A/C Systems

  • Utilizes existing compressor on front end
  • Adds rear evaporator and fan
  • Fan Controls mounted up front to control rear fan speed
  • Temp. control slaves off front end controls Rear Heating Units
  • Not available on 2013+ Sprinter vans

Rear Self Contained Heater

  • Fuel fired rear heater requires nearly empty fuel tank for install
  • Heats vehicle even when not running
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Factory controls with instructions already in vehicles owner’s manual

Sprinter/ProMaster/Transit/NV/Cargo Van Insulation

We have many ways to insulate all cargo vans. Costs run $1300.00  and up depending on types of material used and whether or not the floor is insulated. We can also insulate the under carriage of the vehicle and add bulkheads. Please call with your application for an exact quote.

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.