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Radar and Laser Detectors


We offer the Beltronics radar and laser detector with the following features:

  • AutoScan™ mode virtually eliminates false alarmsThreat Display ™ tracts multiple radar signals and their relative strengthX/K/Ka Bands on or off depending on driving environmentTech Display provides numeric frequency of any radar signal3 Signal Strength Meter Modes provide optimum flexibility in tracking alerts3 City Modes optimize selectivity in all driving environmentsShadow Technology® provides complete immunity to the Interceptor VG-2 Radar Detector Detector

We also offer the K40 Stealth radar and laser detector. The manufacturer guarantees 100% immunity from speeding tickets, 100% performance, 100% protection against theft of the unit and 100% 3 year quality guarantee. The unit features:

  • Remote Bluetooth enabled radar and laser protection
  • K40 CALIBRE DL remote radar system with front laser detector units
  • Custom Warning display
  • Interior Network Module
  • Front & Rear radar receiver
  • Remote control

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.