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Recovery Machines – MAHLE


ArcticPRO ACX 1180 for Refrigerant R134a

ArcticPRO equipment from MAHLE offers a range of choices in

A/C service equipment. All of our ArcticPRO models offer superior
productivity, outstanding system performance and functionality.
And when you select an ArcticPRO machine from MAHLE, you
are getting the added value of an array of customer care solutions
including a service network in the U.S., machine introduction and
training. That is why our customers are going PROfessional with
our equipment.
ArcticPRO ACX1280 for Refrigerant R1234yf
This latest product innovation is designed to competently,
efficiently, and safely service the new R1234yf refrigerant
ArcticPRO technology gives your shop:
  • Compatibility with R1234yf refrigerant
  • Meets stringent SAE J 2843 standard
  • Recovers over 95% of automobile A/C system refrigerant
  • Numerous features for safe handling of R1234yf
  • Easy access for service and maintainance tasks
  • Already approved and recommended

Please contact our customer service department for further information. We have many different models of recovery machines available.

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.