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Rustproofing/Paint Protection


Dealer Automotive Services offers a complete line of products for rustproofing/undercoating, paint sealant, fabric protection and paint protection for all types of vehicles.

Rustproofing and undercoating that is applied to new vehicles (less than 3,000 miles), within 90 days of purchase, has a lifetime warranty. During the 7th year of ownership, the vehicle is subject to a validation inspection. The inspection is done at no charge and the vehicle is resprayed as necessary. The warranty is transferable within 5 years for a fee of $25.00.

Rustproofing and undercoating that is applied to used vehicles (less than 3 years old from date of first sale) is covered by a 5 year non-transferable warranty. However, the vehicle is subject to inspection prior to the application of product.

We also offer 3M Paint Protection Film to protect the front-facing areas of your vehicle. Those areas are constantly at the mercy of dirt and gravel from unpaved roads, loose debris from construction vehicles, severe driving and weather conditions and staining from bug acids and bird droppings. The transparent urethane film is covered with an exclusive clear coat layer which allows you to buff scratches and blemishes from the film. The clear coat will retain its luster long after installation, so your vehicle can have that showroom look.

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.