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Towing Mirrors



Towing Mirrors extend your vision further than an OEM mirror. Towing mirrors come in several types and styles:

  • Universal Snap-On towing mirrors fit snuggly over your existing mirror and simply snap into place.
  • Universal mirrors are fully adjustable with adjustable feet, securing clamps and a tightening knob.
  • Extendable mirrors have a 10” x 10” mirror head and manually extend up to 4 ¼”. The mirror face itself is available in manual, electric or electric heated styles, however, we cannot upgrade manual mirrors to power or power mirrors to power heated.
  • Power towing mirrors have fully electronic operation and work with heated or non-heated power mirrors. They extend up to 5” and are 6-way adjustable with the touch of a button.

*Actual product/manufacturer may differ slightly from product pictured.